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How to Create an Audio Podcast of a Phone Interview with an iPhone

Here’s how to create an audio Podcast of a phone interview using an iPhone: 1 – Download the TapeACall Pro app on your iPhone ($9.99) - 2 – Record the call, email the .mp3 file to your computer and save the file on your computer. 3 – […]


Why Your Google Ad Does Not Show Up Every Time You Search For It

One of the most common questions we receive from clients who we are running google PayPerClick ads for is “Why isn’t my ad showing up when I search for it?” Short Answer: Google does not show ads EVERY TIME to EVERY PERSON who searches – even with […]


How To Hide Reviews on a Facebook Business Page

Frustrated that you can’t hide, delete or even reply to negative reviews on your business facebook page? Here is how to hide reviews on a business facebook page… Here are the steps: – Go to the business page (note you must be an admin on the page […]


How to Find a Direct Link to Google Plus or Pages Review Page

Trying to figure out How to Find a Direct Link to Google Plus or Pages Review Page ? payday advance loan texaspayday loan fast easypersonal loans in las vegas To send a direct link that opens up the review box, simply add   ?review=1   to the end of a […]


How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Website

If google searches are producing unusual wording where your website meta-description normally is, chances are your website has been hacked and infected with malware. Here’s what to do if your WordPress website gets hacked or has malware. Step 1 – CLICK HERE  and scan your website to […]


Google Reviews – Why They Are Important and What To Do If You Get a Negative Google Review

Why are Google Reviews Important? Google is the #1 place that individuals search online for information about businesses, products and services. Google has also integrated it’s reviews into Google maps so Google reviews appear when people with Android smartphones are searching for local businesses. A research study by Cone […]


Yelp Reviews – Why They Are Important and What To Do If You Get a Negative Yelp Review is one of the most influential online review and social media websites with over 10 million users. In 2012, Yelp also integrated it’s reviews into the Apple maps app so Yelp reviews appear when iPhone users are searching for local businesses. finance 90 days same […]


How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

What is Instagram? Instagram is an app for mobile devices that makes it easy to share pictures to: Facebook Twitter Email Tumblr Flickr Foursquare Why use Instagram app? Over 100 million people now use Instagram to post over 40 million photos EACH DAY. Can edit photos and […]


iMW Client Facebook Contest gets 678 Comments & 113 Shares

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Harvard Business School Study Finds 1 Negative Review Reduces Annual Income nearly 10%

A recent Harvard Business School Study found that a single review on Yelp can affect a business’s yearly income by nearly 10%. There are more than 60 major review websites, like Yelp, where people can leave reviews for health care providers. It is very important to keep […]

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